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> NextGraph brings about the convergence between P2P and Semantic Web technologies, towards a decentralized, secure and privacy-preserving cloud, based on CRDTs.
> This open source ecosystem provides solutions for end-users and software developers alike, wishing to use or create **decentralized** apps featuring: **live collaboration** on rich-text documents, peer to peer communication with end-to-end encryption, offline-first, **local-first**, portable and interoperable data, total ownership of data and software, security and privacy. Centered on repositories containing **semantic data** (RDF), **rich text**, and structured data formats like **JSON**, synced between peers belonging to permissioned groups of users, it offers strong eventual consistency, thanks to the use of **CRDTs**. Documents can be linked together, signed, shared securely, queried using the **SPARQL** language and organized into sites and containers.
NextGraph received funding through the [NGI Assure Fund](, a fund established by [NLnet]( with financial support from the European Commission's [Next Generation Internet]( programme, under the aegis of DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology under grant agreement No 957073.