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    Demo of wallet creation and login

    Web app

    • https://nextgraph.eu (for European citizens, RGPD)

    • https://nextgraph.net (worldwide)

    • self host on ubuntu, macos, openbsd by downloading the file :

      • nextgraph-broker-ubuntu-20.04.tar.gz
      • nextgraph-broker-ubuntu-22.04.tar.gz
      • nextgraph-broker-macos.tar.gz
      • nextgraph-broker-openbsd-7.3.tar.gz

      and run the command :

      ngd -l 1440 --save-key 
      //then open http://localhost:1440

      on OpenBSD:

      // open chrome (previously installed with `doas pkg_add chrome`)
      env ENABLE_WASM=1 chrome --enable-wasm --process-per-site --new-window --app=http://localhost:1440

    Native app

    try the native app for macos, android, ubuntu and windows :

    • for macos download nextgraph-app.dmg
    • for android download nextgraph-app.apk
    • for ubuntu download nextgraph-app.deb
    • for windows download nextgraph-app.msi

    iOS target hasn't been compiled nor tested yet as we do not possess the required dev env (lastest macOS). We do not have neither a developer acccount with Apple yet. This will come later. But we are confident that Tauri framework works well and that if the macOS target is functional, then the iOS target should also be fine.

    When opening your wallet (login) you are first asked to choose by clicking/tapping, for each of the 9 categories, the image that is in your pazzle, among the 15 images displayed.
    Then your 9 images are displayed in the wrong order and you have to order them by clicking first on the first image, then on the second... etc, until the 8th image.

    The UX is not optimal here as no instructions are given on how to open the pazzle/wallet. This will be improved in future release.

    Transfer of wallet from one device to another

    It is possible (and highly recommanded) to use the same wallet on all your devices. Start by creating your wallet in one device, and then import this wallet in the other devices.

    One caveat for now: if you create your wallet in a native app, you cannot yet download the wallet file from there. This will come very soon, but I didn't have time to include this feature in the GUI of the native app. So if you want to test the import of a wallet file from one device to another, you have 2 solutions :

    • create your wallet in a web app. you will be able to download the Wallet file at the end of the creation procedure.
    • if you prefer to create the wallet in a native app, you have to deselect the option "Save my wallet on this device?" (put it to "no"). This way, the wallet file will be generated automatically inside your Downloads folder. The wallet will not be imported in the native app, you will have to manually import it afterwards. And then you can also import it into any other app (native or web).

    Self-hosted broker

    This feature is coded but hasn't been tested enough yet so I do not provide instructions on how to use it. But soon you will be able to run your own broker (it needs a public IP) and generate an invitation link that you can then enter at the moment of the wallet creation, and therefor bypass the need to accept the TOS of the public brokers we maintain and that are at your disposal for free.