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RocksDB build documentation license Gitter chat rust 1.60.0 required

GitHub commits (since latest release)


  • Clang and LLVM

On OpenBSD

pkg_add llvm

On macos

port install clang

On windows

download from here


Feedback and pull requests welcome! If a particular feature of RocksDB is important to you, please let me know by opening an issue, and I'll prioritize it.

Compression Support

By default, support for the Snappy, LZ4, Zstd, Zlib, and Bzip2 compression is enabled through crate features. If support for all of these compression algorithms is not needed, default features can be disabled and specific compression algorithms can be enabled. For example, to enable only LZ4 compression support, make these changes to your Cargo.toml:

default-features = false
features = ["lz4"]

Multithreaded ColumnFamily alternation

The underlying RocksDB does allow column families to be created and dropped from multiple threads concurrently. But this crate doesn't allow it by default for compatibility. If you need to modify column families concurrently, enable crate feature called multi-threaded-cf, which makes this binding's data structures to use RwLock by default. Alternatively, you can directly create DBWithThreadMode<MultiThreaded> without enabling the crate feature.